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ARC-210 AM-7526 Replacement 125-Watt Power Amplifier (100 W MUOS)

P/N 36000-1

ARC-210 AM-7526 Replacement 125-Watt (MUOS) VHF/UHF Power Amplifier

Milpower has now developed a replacement for the ARC-210 AM-7526 series of Rockwell/Collins Power Amplifiers that is a "slide-out/slide-in" plug-compatible power amplifier.

Technical Specifications

Power Output:

125 Watts (MUOS 100W average & 500 W peak)

Frequency Range:

225-400 MHz

Input Power:

+10 to +45 dBm

RF Gain Control:

1 dB steps, output level from +41 to +51 dBm

Control Interface:

Compatible with ARC-210 Interface & Ethernet 802.3

Prime Power:

+28VDC, <700W

Size and Weight:

11.365" L X 5.00" W X 6.5" H, 14.9 lb.


10g each axis, 40g Crash Safety


Airborne platforms


-40 to +71 deg C, 55 deg. C 100% duty cycle; 71 deg. C 10% duty cycle


90% non-condensing


Airborne Equipment Category A1b of MIL-STD-461: CE03, CE06 (modified), CE07, CS01, CS02, CS06, RE02 modified), RS03, RE102 (relaxed for Xmt frequencies), RS103 (up to 10 GHz) MTBF: <7500 hours