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State of the Art Testing Facilities

In order to provide a full-military-specification-compliant amplifier, Milpower tests 100% of each of its products. These amplifiers must pass a Functional Test (proving that the product functions as required), a Calibration Test (provides all the calibration coefficients for each amplifier), a 200 Hour full-power burn-in (to surface any performance anomalies), ESS testing for Vibration and Temperature Shock (to surface any manufacturing defects), and Acceptance Testing (to verify the amplifier’s performance against the required specifications). This suite of standard Milpower tests to the requirements of a military product help ensure the quality and long service life built into each of our products..

vibration testing
Vibration Table: Ling Electronics
Temperature Chamber: Thermotron 2800, 3’x3’x3’
burn-in testing
200 Hour Full Power Burn-in
functional testing and calibration
Power Amplifier Computerized Automatic Test Equipment Functional Testing, Calibration, Acceptance Testing