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ARC-210 200-Watt VHF/UHF Power Amplifier (MUOS)

P/N 33000-1

ARC-210 100-Watt MUOS

Milpower is delivering a 200 Watt 30-520 Mhz Power Amplifier in a 3.5" chassis that interfaces with the Rockwell/Collins ARC-210 series of Receiver/Transmitters. This rack-mounted amplifier can also be provided with complete, tested compatibility with the MUOS waveform per the MUOS-Specific Terminal Services (MTS) Specification Rev. F (P/N 33000-1).

The ARC-210 Radio 200 Watt Power Amplifier features the required fast- switching filtering (<20usec), transmit/receive switching, and full 200 watt performance into a 2.0:1 VSWR load under all temperatures and load conditions at 100% duty cycle, over the full 30-520 MHz band.

The 19" rack-mounted ARC-210 radio power amplifier is completely self-contained, with internal fans, transmit/receive switch for full-duplex operations and internal single phase, 115 VAC, 45-420 Hz power supply with active power factor correction. Automatic level control is provided for inputs ranging from +10 to +45 dBm, and provides unconditional stability and protection for all load conditions. It can be operated in AM, FM, PM, pulsed or continuous wave, single and multi-tone modes, DAMA, and MUOS.

Please call (619) 892-4545 for more information on our ARC-210 Radio 200 Watt Power Amplifier.

Technical Specifications

Power Output:

200 watts (+53 dBm) ( MUOS 100W average & 500 W peak )

Frequency Range :

30-520 MHz

Input Power:

+10 dBm to +45 dBm

RF Gain Control:

1 dB steps Input range +10 to +45 dBm.
Output range +40 dBm (10 watts) to +53 dBm (200 watts)

ARC-210 Interface:

Ethernet/IEEE 802.3

Prime Power:

103-126 VAC, 45-420 Hz, single Phase per MIL-STD-1300

Size and Weight:

19" W x 3.5" H x 20.5" D, 48 lbs.

Acoustic Noise:

< 62 dB @3 feet


MIL-STD-901D operating: +/- 15 g, 11mSec; non-operating: +/- 30 g


MIL-STD-167-1 Type 1


Operating: 0° C to + 50° C; non-operating: -40° C to +70° C


Operating: 10,000 feet; non-operating: 15,000 feet


95%, non-condensing




> 16000 hours