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Mini-DAMA 100 Watt UHF Airborne Power Amplifier

P/N 13000-1 AM-7544

Mini-DAMA Airborne Power Supply

This ATR-size airborne Mini-DAMA Power Amplifier is designed for mounting tray applications. It provides 100 watts of RF output power under all conditions. It also includes a transmit/receive switch for full-duplex operation. And, its power supply operates from a 3 Phase, 400 Hz input.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Range:

225-400 MHz

Power Output:

100W (+50 dBm) CE
25W (+44 dBm) AM

RF Gain Control:

14 dB range from full output in CE mode, 65% AM modulation

Prime Power:

98-127 VAC, 380-420 Hz, 3Phase per MIL-STD-704

Size and Weight:

5.25" W x 9" H x 19.5" D, 28 lbs.


MIL-STD-901D Operating: +/- 15 g, 11 mSec; Non-operating: +/- 30 g


Operating: -20° C to +50° C
Non-operating: -40° C to +70° C


Operating: 16,400 feet
Non-operating: 36,000 feet


95%, Non-condensing




> 8000 hours